Not all monsters do monstrous things. 

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For Crystal (◠‿◠)

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Not all monsters do monstrous things.

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In the  d a r k e s t  moment,  remember the  l i g h t 

Dedicated to our beloved Qhuinny, Siny and Qhuinn

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"I don’t need feminism because I’m not oppressed."


I don’t need the fire department because my house isn’t on fire.
I don’t need public roads because I don’t drive.
I don’t need hospitals because I’m not sick.
I don’t need a jacket because I’m not cold right now.
Coffee shouldn’t be sold at shops because I don’t like coffee.
I don’t understand calculus. Do away with it.
Pencils need to go away because I type everything now.
There’s no purpose for anti-segregation laws now because races are equal (hint: they’re not).

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Okay so I just had the craziest thought from re-watching the Teen Wolf season 4 mid-season promo! Now it’s just an idea, not even an idea, more a thought but: 

I think deputy Parrish is a phoenix…



Ok, so the more I think about this, the more I think it’s going to end up as Parrish being a Pheonix or some variant as a Pheonix.

Earlier metas such as this one speculated that Parrish might be a Siren, a mythological creature known for beauty and powers of persuasion. But with more clues from the mid-season promo, it also makes sense that he could be a Phoenix.

1) The earlier meta (above) mentioned the stories about tricksters, “The coyote, the fox, and the raven.” Since Sirens were sometimes depicted as birds, that could fit the bill (I see what you did there), but a Phoenix might be a variant on that. After all, the TW universe doesn’t stick exactly to existing mythology.

2) Parrish is always convincing others to do what he wants. This fits mostly with the mythology of a Siren, but since the Phoenix is known to be extremely wise, Parrish may be using his wisdom to know how to get people do to things he wants.

3) The Phoenix is usually described as a beautiful bird, much like Parrish (*swoons*).

4) The earlier promos had the tag lines RISE FROM THE ASHES which is obviously the most well-known and consistent aspect in Phoenix mythology. They burst into flames and are then reborn from ash after having lived an extremely long time.

5) The Phoenix is said to live up to 500 years. We already know Kira’s mom is a 900-year-old kitsune, so a supernatural creature of incredible age is not beyond the realm of possibility here.

6) There have been a few references to Parrish’s young appearance. At first this might contradict the age of 500 years, but the key here is that Parrish said “Anyone can look young if you eat right and exercise.” It’s entirely possible that Parrish has the appearance of youth despite being an ancient supernatural creature.


The tag line was “Rise from the Ashes”
Parrish rises from the ashes.
The Phoenix rises from the ashes.
It’s logical that Parrish is a Pheonix or some variant of it.

                                 An unusual one.

                                                                     Maybe you’re psychic.